COVID-19 EHS Resources

EHS Resources

COVID-19 EHS Resources

Disinfecting Your Workspace

Here is information on disinfecting your work areas:

While Facility Services will continue to provide custodial services across campus, the need for more frequent cleaning means that each person on campus is expected to assist with cleaning their work spaces and possibly cleaning high touch point locations in their common spaces.  Please refer to the information below for guidance in how to accomplish this. Thank you for helping to "Protect the Pride". 

Supply Ordering  

As a solution, we are moving immediately to a consolidated CU purchasing approach for protective and cleaning equipment and supplies.  This means:

  1. Until further notice, do not place individual department orders for personal protective equipment or cleaning supplies.
  2. The PSC's s bulk purchasing approach will include: Face coverings (cloth masks, single use, reusable, and medical grade); Gloves; Thermometers; Sanitizer/Wipes for hands and surfaces; Spray/squeeze Bottles; Totes; Paper Bags; and, Soap.
  3. Place a workorder for the cleaning supplies or personal protective equipment that you need.  Many of these items will not be charged to your department, even though you will need to enter your speedtype to complete the work order, it will be charged to the COVID-19 speedtype by Facility Services..

Disinfecting Poster

This is a poster that you can post in your area to remind individuals of types of things that are high touch point and require more frequent disinfecting.

Instructional Video

Return to Work Template

  • Plans will be developed by each department – i.e. each space/group that is not direct instruction (i.e. dean’s offices, department offices, student facing points of service, etc.).
  • If you need assistance completing the plan or have questions, please contact Cindy Norton at or 719.255.3212


COVID-19 Campus Signage

The campus has created “Protect the Pride” themed signage that can be printed by anyone can be requested via email to


Here are some guidelines for different situations on campus:

Guidelines for faculty in academic classrooms

Guidelines for in person encounters

Guidelines for excel centers

COVID-19 - Laboratory Housekeeping: Expectations for Cleaning & Disinfection


Research involving the Virus

The NIH Office of Science Policy has issued Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding interim biosafety guidance for research with SARS-CoV-2 and relevant Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) requirements under the NIH Guidelines.

Appendix B of the NIH Guidelines provides the basis for the classification of biohazardous agents by Risk Group (RG).  At the present time, SARS-CoV-2 best meets the definition of a RG3 agent and IBCs should consider the agent to be RG3 as a starting point in their risk assessments when reviewing research subject to the NIH Guidelines.

The RG classification may change over time as additional information about the virus, such as potential treatments or the development of an effective vaccine, becomes available.

For additional interim biosafety guidance for research with SARS-CoV-2 and IBC requirements under the NIH Guidelines please visit:

Questions about this guidance or other requirements under the NIH Guidelines may be addressed to

Research involving humans during COVID 19

The IRB has established additional protocols for conducting face-to-face research during COVID19.  Some aspects of that include preparing a Safety Plan for IRB Research which identifies the precautions, etc. that will be implemented during IRB research.  You can find out more at

Participant screening will be required.  You can utilize the campus wide health assessment and/or this screening tool.

Depending upon the nature of the research, researchers may be required to wear additional personal protective equipment.