Fire/Explosion Emergency Response Procedures


Fire/Explosion Emergency Response Procedures

Fire in a university building is the most likely campus emergency that could result in loss of property and threat to lives.  It is, therefore, most critical that individuals react quickly and responsibly to any indication of fire in their surroundings.


If you SMELL smoke or gas

  • From the nearest phone call the Department of Public Safety, at ext. 3111 or 255-3111.


If you OBSERVE fire or smoke

  • Do not shout "Fire!"  Remain calm.
  • Pull the nearest fire alarm.  Notify those in immediate danger.
  • From the nearest phone call the Department of Public Safety at ext. 3111 or 255-3111 to notify the department of the exact location of the fire.
  • If possible and safe to do so after initiating the fire alarm, attempt to extinguish the fire with a fire extinguisher.
    • Never use a fire extinguisher on a fire that is large enough to frighten you or when you do not have a way of escape.
    • No matter how small the fire, never use an extinguisher without sounding the fire alarm, in case you are overcome.
    • If you cannot extinguish the fire by yourself with one extinguisher, leave the area and let the professionals handle it.
  • If it is not possible or safe to extinguish the fire, from the nearest phone contact the Department of Public Safety at ext. 3111 or 255-3111 and provide the exact location of the fire.
  • Do not prop open any fire doors.  (Fire doors have automatic closers on them.)
  • Evacuate, using appropriate exits and escape routes (do NOT use elevators).  Provide assistance to those who need it.


If the fire alarm sounds

  • All alarms should be treated as a valid fire alarm until Public Safety personnel verify that it is a false alarm.
  • Stop what you are doing immediately, remain calm and follow instructions.
  • Do not look for other people or attempt to take along belongings (other than your purse or backpack) - don't take the time to gather up your "stuff," your life is more important!
  • Do not prop open any fire doors.
  • Using the nearest exit or escape route (do NOT use the elevators), leave the building quickly and calmly.
  • Persons with disabilities should be assisted out of the building or removed to a safe area to await evacuation by emergency responders.
  • Proceed to safe ground at least 25 feet away from the building and out of the fire lane(s). The Director of Crisis Management should notify emergency response personnel of missing or disabled persons.
  • Do not obstruct fire hydrants or any fire/rescue workers.
  • Do not re-enter the building until informed by a uniformed officer (fire or police).



After contacting Public Safety, and after meeting with the University Police, contact your supervisor.

Any time that the fire alarm is activated, the building is to be immediately evacuated (see evacuation procedures).